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Dating coach

I feel very lucky with what I do in that the different clients I have worked for want different things. This means that no one week is the same, tasks can even vary on a day to day basis and I like that. I have enjoyed working with all of my clients so far, I have been lucky to work with some lovely and interesting people. A client which I really enjoyed working for was a dating coach. This work provided many varied tasks and I thought it would be interesting to show how I helped and exactly what services I can offer.

The Client – Dating coach

A dating coach, suddenly experiencing a growth in interest with too much to do. Social media management, Managing calendars, managing emails, customer service and blog posts, these were just some of the tasks on top of the actual coaching.

What I did

We had an informal chat about the work that was getting a bit too much and how this was limiting the time for actually coaching his clients (which was what he was passionate about). After this we had a list of tasks for me to take over.

So I took over managing his calendar (Google calendar) and managing emails. I also followed up leads he had after hosting an event. I made sure those who were interested in the dating coaching were scheduled in for an appointment. I also began creating some social media images for him for his various social media channels which helped generate further interest in his coaching. After clients had finished the dating coach program I also followed up with a survey. This helped to see how we could improve things and if they wanted to complete further programs.

This work amounted to around 5 hours a week, obviously with exceptions some weeks. This really is the great thing about working with a VA. You only need to pay for the time you need for a specific week, day or month.


In taking over this admin based work it allowed my client to work as a dating coach. His time had been taken up with admin and he had had less time to dedicate to coaching. It also led to increased interest in his coaching. The advertising and reaching out to clients was now more systematic and not just completed when he had free time. I also managed to implement a booking system. This means his clients can now book themselves into his calendar at their convenience.



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