Tasks You Can Outsource


Tasks you can outsource

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which parts of your business you can outsource effectively. There is a lot that probably isn’t very effectively outsourced without someone knowing your business and its customers. There are however many areas that can be managed remotely.

  • Managing calendar – Now there are many options (Google calendar being my favourite) that mean that a calendar can be managed by someone else. The ability to share calendars and view others calendars is invaluable in scheduling in appointments.


  • Social media management – This is a great one to outsource as it can be very time consuming (especially if your not familiar with it). I know a lot of small business do not really have a social media presence and they are really missing out on reaching potential clients.


  • Managing emails – You can ensure that the person you outsource to has an idea about what clients/customers will be emailing about and give them a template on how to answer any queries. This can ensure that you cut down the reply time and this in turn increases customer satisfaction (there’s nothing worse than waiting days for a simple reply).


  • Organisation – I find that a lot of my clients lack the knowledge or time on how to organise effectively. By ensuring that systems are in place and progress is documented time wasted is reduced. Its nice to be able to find information quickly when needed.


  • Research – A relatively easy task to delegate to a virtual assistant. Give them a brief of what you want researched, how you want the research presented and agree roughly how long it will take. Its as easy as that!


  • Creating surveys – Again just create a quick brief and then wait for the work to be completed.


  • Automating your business – A virtual assistant can put many different systems in place to make your business run more effectively. One great system being a booking program, You can use various different types (just pick one which looks suitable). In creating a booking system you will then be able to refer customers so that they can book themselves in and sync with Google calendar for example. This means that appointments automatically appear in the calendar. This is especially good for a small business or start up that wants to keep costs low. You only have to pay for the time for it to be set up!


  • Creating Newsletters – You can outsource as little or much of this task as you like. If you want to write your own content you can pass this on for a virtual assistant to then collate into a nicely presented newsletter. You could also give a VA a brief of what you want written and leave the writing down to them, its up to you.


So as you can see there are many areas that can be relatively easily outsourced with a little guidance. There is also a lot of scope in flexibility as to how much or little of a task you outsource.

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