I offer a range of rates and packages to suit businesses and individuals

I believe that the services and the rates at which I offer these services, are very good value and by using me as your virtual assistant, you will save yourself so much time you are then able to focus on the areas of your business that are more profitable. Below are the rates and packages that I offer.


Rate per hour

I offer work on a one off as well as on an ongoing basis. The rate per hour is £12 for all the services that I offer. Work is charged in 15 minute increments to avoid you having to pay for a complete hour if you do not need to.

Package rates

As well as the hourly charge mentioned above I also offer some attractive package rates which are priced competitively.

10 hours a month £115
20 hours a month £225
30 hours a month £335

Project rates

If you are interested in having some help on a particular project I can let you know the price once we have had a consultation about what is involved.

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