Organise your business

Organise your business

Now we are in the new year it is a great time to re-evaluate your organisation (or lack of) within your business. Here are some quick tips in how you can look to an organised 2015!

Clean workspace Creating a clean workspace can make you feel more motivated. It can also increase productivity as there is no need to stop and look for misplaced items as everything has its place

Go Paperless  You can digitise your business by using scanners and other management software to replace the traditional paper system. This leads to increased organisation, as its far easier to find files as well as helping in reducing clutter. It can also save you money as there are reduced paper and printing costs, which is also better for the environment.

Manage emails more efficiently Make sure that emails in your inbox are business related (you could set up another email for personal related matters). You can also set up a filter so certain emails do not go to your inbox but to other folders for you to deal with at another time. Also another tip is to only check emails every few hours, this will reduce time wasted spent going through your inbox.

Schedule By creating a schedule you can organise when you will fit certain tasks in. This will ensure that there is an allocated time to do them and therefore you are more likely to get them done. It’s really useful to use one calendar (Such as Google calendar) which can sync with other devices meaning you know what is happening and where.

Hire a virtual assistant Last but not least hiring a virtual assistant can help you organise your business in many ways. As I mentioned a virtual assistant can manage your diary for you using various calendars. A virtual assistant can also manage your emails for you, by adding necessary filters for you or using your email to respond to your clients on your behalf. A VA can complete many of these organisational jobs for you while you get on with managing your business.

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