How to create a great business card

How to create a great business card

A great business card can really get you noticed, if you’ve put in the effort with networking the last thing you want is a not-so-great business card letting you down.


I thought I’d create a checklist to help when creating your business cards.


Name – Its important to put your name on the cards rather than just initials, this means when people get in contact they know how to address you. I think it also seems more approachable and friendly. Personally I am far more likely to contact someone if I know their name.

Point of contact – There needs to be some point of contact, such as web address, email, phone number or social media. Without these clients are not going to be able to find you easily.

Explanation of what you do – There’s no point in a business card that doesn’t let me know what your business does. People accumulate quite a few cards, especially at events. They cannot be expected to remember who you are and what you do.

Presentation – Chose colours that complement your brand, use a font that can be easily deciphered and is a good size. Too small, makes it hard to read, too big and it looks unprofessional and you may not be able to fit all the information needed on. Double sided business cards can help with this problem.

Quality – Try and go for a good quality card as it really does make a lot of difference. People are more likely to remember and notice a quality card. You can also now get all sorts of cards, some with rounded edges that can make your business stand out.

I actually find Great for business cards. The design is great, there are quite a few options to choose from and the quality always feels really good.


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