Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Do You Need A VA?

Do you have too much to do? Could a Virtual Assistant save time and money? Some of the time when clients come to me they have a clear idea of how a Virtual Assistant can help them. Other times, clients know that they need help but are not sure what with. 

This might be with email management, creating a presentation or research into a specific topic. It can be simple to identify ad hoc tasks to outsource but handing over a task done on a more regular basis can seem difficult. 


This following method is the process I go through in helping clients know which tasks they can outsource to a Virtual Assistant. 


List all the tasks that they have to do

We can do this on the phone or via email. Sometimes it is best for a client to spend a week listing all the task that they do in this time.

Often the list is quite extensive!

Go through this list and mark the tasks which they need to do personally

These tasks are usually vital for the client to do themselves. So for example a dating or life coach has to host sessions with clients. I am not going to be able to do this for them as it’s a core task and a core part of their business. My role as a Virtual Assistant is to support the client in carrying out these vital tasks. For example, going back to the dating/life coach I may set up a new booking system for them or be the first point of contact for clients. I could also manage their social media and manage their client database, all of which help them with running their business. 

Any other tasks that they want to keep doing for now can be marked

These are usually tasks that the client wants to keep doing but may be taking up a lot of their time. We mark these as they can be revisited at a later date to see if I can take on any additional tasks.

Once we start working together clients feel happier to hand over additional tasks

Anything left can potentially be outsourced for a Virtual Assistant to complete.

These tasks can be answering emails and booking in appointments. For previous clients we have had a set of rules in which I follow when answering emails or booking appointments. This not only ensures that people are getting the right responses but also means that I can respond in the way in which the client would.

Once we have a list of tasks that I can do, I can then begin to save the client money, time or both.

If you are unsure if you could make use of a VA then you can use these tips to see which tasks you could outsource. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch and we could schedule a call to discuss.